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Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



2-way tops

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Tops have joined the 2-way, 3-way trend!


In recent years, the number of items (especially outerwear) that can be worn in two or three different ways has increased, but you can just take a look at the streets to figure out that the trend has been spreading to knitwear as well. Among knitwear, the first item that can be worn in multiple ways is a cardigan. For example, there are more and more pieces that can be styled fashionably even when worn backwards, as you can see in the picture below. In fact, “back conscious” is still one of the main keywords in the current fashion scene. Designs that look sharp even from the back lead to a greater freedom in styling.



It’s not only about the tops: many brands are developing a growing number of pieces of clothing such as long skirts and jumpers that, by just undoing some buttons, turn into mini-skirts and items that can be worn 2-way. The biggest advantage of 2-way and 3-way items is that the same piece can give greatly different impressions. “I always wear the same clothes!” and “I always end up styling clothes in the same way”... Time to forget your worries from last year. Rather than purchasing three different pieces that can only be styled in one way, the current craze is to purchase only one piece that can be styled in three different ways. This search for items whose value is worth the price suggests that modern fashionistas are also money-conscious.



In the future, the trend is likely to spread to items that have yet to be developed to be worn 2 or 3-way, like blouses and dresses. Moreover, in the next couple of years, many fashion items will grant us a higher degree of freedom, allowing us to style outfits off the beaten path.