Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Slouch Pants(Tapered Pants)

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Choose Pants Based on Their “Hemline”


“Slouch pants” are bottoms that are quietly spreading in the streets this year. Since the definition of slouched is “a stance in which the top half of the body is inclined forward and downward; lazy; slovenly,” the popular fashion term slouch pants can be interpreted as “pants that can be worn in a relaxed manner. They stand out for their silhouette that is similar to that for men’s pants, as they are tapered and get thin near the hemline. Their exquisite silhouette, which is neither wide nor skinny, has attracted attention, making them trendy. In addition, their popularity has been spurred on by the fact that “jogger pants,” which are similar to slouch pants,” have also become trendy.



Since slouch pants have become available at SHIBUYA 109 brands and fast-fashion brands, such as Uniqlo and ZARA, their prevalence in the streets has increased. In recent years, flared pants, which have a wide hemline, had sustained dominance, but slouch pants have entered the mix as a new alternative, making two dominant types of pants. Moving forward, people are likely to choose their pants based on their hemline.



Now that fashion has become borderless, the focus has been placed on and continues to grow on items that can be worn by both men and ladies. These new slouch pants, which are not just loose or tight, should become a classic item that is prevalent regardless of the trends at the time.