Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Diversified Fake Leader Products


"Leather," the classic item of fall and winter, is experiencing a time of great change. Usually, more people start to wear leather items every year in the season, mainly including jackets like motorcycle jackets. However, this season's characteristic is that the types of items have diversified. With the evolution of fake leather, you see leather-tailored items like pants and skirts as well as shirts and dresses.



Looking at the background of how leather items spread to the whole outfit, the collection's impact was great. In the 2020 Spring-Summer/Fall-Winter collection, famous brands such as TOD'S, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, and BOTTEGA VENETA showcased whole leader outfits on the runway walk. Of course, people can't collect all the high-end items from collections for the whole outfit. Still, brands like ZARA bridged collections and general consumers, releasing products at reasonable prices and spreading the trend.



The classic black leather has a rugged and hard-boiled feel, but there are more paly colors like blue and pink now. Leathers have a unique texture and go well with comfortable materials like wool, boa, and fleece. They are useful as they are glossy and produce a bright feel. It was also impressive that the CPO Jacket that continues to be popular from the previous season launched leather products. These future developments are something to keep an eye on.