Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Satin wear

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From nightwear to daily wear


Satin, which has a shiny appearance and evoked potent images as negligees, nightwear, and the like, has been accepted as daily wear since around last year. It is light and does not evoke an image of heaviness, and it is established as one way of casually dressing well. The breadth of satin items has extended to include shirts, trousers, and skirts.


In recent years, looseness is sought after for fashion silhouettes. Considering the material, there are lots of clothes with satin fabric that are smooth, light, and comfortable and have unconstricted, loose-fitting designs. Satin goes well with trends, the sought-after fashion silhouettes of the moment, and comfort.



Also, during spring and autumn, which are said to be slightly difficult seasons in which to coordinate one’s clothing, there are many occasions in which the proportion of satin items worn increases. This is because satin looks just right, being neither heavy nor too light, and perfectly matches the subtle climate of the seasons. Presently, satin evokes no image as nightwear and has become more widely accepted as part of an everyday clothing ensemble. Like satin, there will undoubtedly be other materials whose uses will increase even more from now on. These materials will break out of their shells, unshackled by their original images and uses.