Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Bucket Hat

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Explosively Popular is the Arrival of the “Age of Outdoor Fashion”


“Bakeha” was a fad in the 1990s. But after that, it did not see the light of day very much. However, after a period of five or six years, it achieved a breakthrough again. “Bakeha” is an abbreviation of “bucket hat” and is characterized by a slightly downward-pointing brim attached to a hat that is like a bucket turned upside down. Last year during spring and summer, lightweight items made of cotton and lace were mainstream. But during the fall and winter, the materials changed to leather, suede, and boa to match dark colors and slightly heavy fashions.



Foremost in the background for why the hat has become a fad is the revival of the outdoor fashion boom, headed by the “workman girls.” The stylishness of the items has increased every year, and their quality has become such that you wouldn’t know at a glance that they were outdoor wear. Also, a huge influence is that bucket hats became trendy in South Korean fashion. In the present day, South Korean fashion has become familiar in Japan. Thus, you can easily observe on-the-spot coordinated outfits through vehicles such as SNS. 



Among ensembles that have appeared on the streets are, of course, those that reflect casual ways of matching clothing and accessories. But styles in which you make a match with dresses and setups have also appeared. Even “hazushi” (unexpected) items, where you boldly match materials that are different from that of the clothes, are popular. Strangely, amid circumstances under which outdoor fashions are limited, don’t you think that the popularity of outdoor items is a development that nobody could have predicted?