Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Poncho&Cape Coat

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Ongoing Fashion Comebacks

In the last few years, fleece, sheepskin, fur, and down have seen a steady return in popularity, and have been trending in winter outerwear. In the midst of many items making a revival, cape coats and ponchos have returned after 7-8 years in sleeveless outerwear for the 20-21 A/W season. They have begun to gradually trickle intro street fashion, and while not quite fully becoming staples, have attracted the attention of many fashionistas.



Along with the returning popularity of this outerwear, we are also seeing a mini-bag fad in progression. Because cape coats and ponchos are sleeveless, shouldering a large bag underneath them ruins the silhouette, and it also isn’t easy to sport a large bag over them. With a handbag or mini-bag as a staple, one can dress stylishly without ruining the balance of the entire look.



With coordinated outfits spotted in Omotesando and Daikanyama, we see many unique items, which vary widely from ponchos shaped like knit dresses to cloak-like designs. Though they may be knitted fabric, the ponchos and capes can function as outerwear themselves, without having to wear another coat on top. We were particularly impressed with outfits in Ginza which incorporated items with a classy design, for a sharp and put-together look.



One of the possible reasons it has drawn attention is that one can wear it over a thick sweater and not look bulky; the silhouette is not in an I-line so it can easily cover the shape of one’s body. We have a hunch that next season ponchos and cape coats will be an even firmer fixture in the street scene.