Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Secoundhand Clothing Lovers

Taking a picture place Filming Date 2017.12.03

On the streets, in the past few years, the rates of people who are wearing secondhand clothes have considerably increased. It is very common to coordinate secondhand clothes with fast fashion, but it seems that there are two major trends in those old clothes as well.

One is called “Vintage”. Although it seems that things in 25 years to 100 years are said to be vintage, there is no strict definition, even if it is a new item, but looks vintage then it can be sold with a real vintage item together.
On the other hand, another trend is “cheap and a good quality secondhand clothes”. They more emphasize the actual item than atmosphere of the shops and compete with the sense of the buyers. In recent years, it has influenced enough to lead the trend in the streets by coordinating items that have been purchased and suggesting new ways of dressing.

"FURUGI FEDTIVAL 2017" to be the shooting location of this time is a festival of secondhand clothes where many shops belonging to the last type which I mentioned above. The detail of this event is as follows.

・DATE: December 3, 2017 Sunday
・TIME: 10: 00 ~ 17: 00
・PLACE: Ohi Racecourse, UMILE SQUARE
※ Approximately 10,000 visitors
・ORGANIZER: Japan Used Clothing Retailers
・SPONSORSHIP: FLORIDA (Limited Company Tippirag), JAM (JAM TRADING CO., LTD.) MICMO(MICMO CO., LTD.), Spins (Human Forum Co., Ltd.), WEGO(WEGO Co., Ltd.)

In the place where Ohi Racecourse is located, there are no shops and any other buried areas in the vicinity. It was uneasy whether people come in such a place like racecourse except in horse racing, but it was so packed from the station and even though the place was really huge, but I only could see people. "10,000 visitors expected" seems to be not false. Also, most of the people who visited and spent the whole day here, enjoying shopping while checking out one shop one by one.

When I asked to the people who I took the picture, they said they are frequently wear fast fashion, but they are very attracted to the secondhand clothes which has same price as fast fashion but the quality is totally different. I could hear a lot of voices like, "The thickness of the fabric is different", "a good detail," "color and pattern are really good".

And surprisingly, not only students and adults, most visitors are not working for fashion, but people are coming from completely different fields. If you turn backwards, it means that secondhand clothes are no longer special for fashion lovers. It seems that the idea that it is more advantageous to buy cheap and good quality secondhand clothes than general clothing with high price. If you combine old clothes with fast fashion, you can make a fashionable outfit with low price but good quality.


Coverage Staff : Director "HINE"/ Photographer"Aya"



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