Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Forestry Girl

Taking a picture place Ichihara-shi, Chiba-ken Filming Date 2013.11.22

With the overall removal of restrictions on lumber imports and the decrease in demand for actual lumber, the number of forestry workers in Japan has decreased and there are many trees in the mountains left untouched causing issues. Women who may become the saviors of forestry have emerged from these conditions. Forestry Girl@Kyoto which started in Kyoto in 2010 is a group consisting of female members who have gathered with the ideas of wanting to enliven forestry through women power and wanting to express the fun that exists in forestry. They also offer things such as forestry female life styles while carrying out various activities in the forest. Starting with this group, 9 separate groups which are presently in operation have been created in other prefectures with people who share the same ideas. We would like to introduce Forestry Girl@Tokyo which opened in September of 2011 focusing on women who have interests in forests in the metropolitan area. In addition to regular forestation activities and holding girls’ get-togethers, they also carry out unique activities such as holding concerts in the forest and making bird calls from sounds made with wooden instruments The clothes these women wear in the forest naturally make safety the top priority. However, the clothes also have style characteristic of women. They make original goods, their own arrangements and have fun with coordinating. This edition of New Tribe tried to give ideas on slightly retooling women’s clothing and making it even more stylish with colors and accessories. Forestry Girls meeting@TOKYO BLOG Forestry Girls meeting@TOKYO Facebook

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