Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Taking a picture place Omotesando Hills Filming Date 2013.03.07

TOKYO FAN WEEK was held from February 1st – February 28th of 2013 targeting foreign travelers in order to revive the sluggish Japanese tourist industry after the Great East Japan Earthquake (Sponsored by the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau). During the opening from 2/8 – 2/17 which was the core period, there was a welcome party held underground in Omotesando Hills. 7 selected members from Tokyo New Tribe put on a fashion show at this party. In order to show typical COOL JAPAN fashion to people overseas, a theme was told to all of the models at this event and the models coordinated their outfits based on that theme. There were 6 fashion themes: 1. [Fairy] which is popular now due to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 2. [Princess-gyaru] which is a derivative evolution of the gyaru fashion 3. [Lolita fashion] which is the longest existing Japanese original fashion 4. [Fetish fashion] from New Type boys in Akihabara 5. [Visual kei-gothic] which is popular with Japanese visual kei bands 6. [Steam punk/Lolita] which is a Japanese version of steam punk There are many derivative fashions of Lolita fashions so there were 2 models for this category. There were walking practice and rehearsals for the fashion show. The show was a great success and the models were surrounded by both foreigners and the media to take a lot of commemorative photos and interviews. This seemed to be a very good memory for foreigners who see these fashions in magazines and on the Internet but don’t get the opportunity to see this up close. We hope that this opportunity has made these visitors more interested in Japan and will bring them back here to visit.

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