Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Taking a picture place Asakusa, Shimokitazawa, Harajuku Filming Date 2013.02.05

From a few years back, roller-zoku (people devoted to rock “n” roll) have been making a comeback in Harajuku. I wrote about this on the neo-rockabilly page but this trend is also making a big-time revival in psychobilly. Psychobilly is a made-up term combing “psychopath” and “rockabilly”. Psychobilly is rockabilly with a punk style added which is more punk than neo-rockabilly. Psychobilly may also include elements of metal, hardcore and skater styles. Those into psychobilly such as psychobilly musicians are considerably unconventional with features such as psycho cuts which resemble mohawk hairstyles, gory looks, special horror make-up and full-body tattoos. The clothing includes leather jackets with studs and MA-1 or teddy jackets along with rubber-sole shoes and punk accessories. Psychobilly is influenced by both rockabilly and punk. However, it is more flamboyant and has more freedom than neo-rockabilly. Psychobilly in the Kansai area in Japan has even fiercer coloration and patterns making for an original-looking outfit.

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