Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Bizarre Style

Taking a picture place 「Gantai Aris Shokogun」in IKEBUKURO LIVE INN ROSA Filming Date 2012.04.18

This underground fashion combines cheerful styles with hints of madness and bizarreness. This mysterious coordination transcends the boundaries of eras, ethnicity or religions. Today, we specifically focus on styles which use Japanese-style clothes from various eras and clothes designed in the motif of antique dolls. Common Japanese-style clothes and Japanese-mix fashion styles have the impression of being colorful and gorgeous and use kimono after the edo era as motif. But of course kimono existed before that and there must have been a wide variety of styles including kimono worn by common people and people with different jobs. The style which has been popular in recent years is called “Taisho Roman”. This style combines the Japanese and Western styles during the Taisho era. But monpe (women’s work pants) from the early Showa period and men’s national uniforms and military clothes are becoming popular as well. Moreover, Dolly fashion that is popular for years has a strong tendency toward being darker.

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