Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Han-ryu Bi Joshi (S.Korean Beauty)

Taking a picture place Shinjuku Filming Date 2012.01.05

The Korean craze began with the popularity of the TV drama, “Fuyu no Sonata”, and was originally centered around Korean actors. The appearance of KARA, Shojo Jidai, and other K-POP celebrities soon drew the spotlight to Korean women as well, and the Korean wave continued to grow until it had created a massive fan base. Now, whether they are students studying in Japan, or part of the work force, Korean women are entering our midst and tend to stand out due to their style-savvy looks and the self-confidence they exude. The majority of Korean women dress in classic styles, have good fashion tastes, and generally appear more grown-up. Like Japanese women, they have a great love for brand items. From what we've heard, girls in Korea prefer sophisticated looks rather than the girly-girl styles, with few people in Korea into ultra-girly or pop style fashion. Accessories and small items seem to be the exception, and Koreans love to incorporate them into their looks. With Korean clothes and makeup brands making their way in, it may not be long before Korean women affect the Japanese fashion scene.

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