Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Yoruhime(“night pricness”)-kei

Taking a picture place Fuchu "New CLUB QUEEN" Filming Date 2011.11.10

Gorgeous girl’s club (kyabakura) women light up the night city with the neon lights. These women started to spring up in the 1980’s and were regarded to be somewhat difficult to emulate at the time. However, since the gal-kei fashion magazine first published in 2006 called “Koakuma ageha” inspired women in their teens and 20’s to admire their lifestyles and fashion, they have become popular and even ranked amongst the most popular careers.  Those women tend to have signature “mori(high volume)-hairstyles” and “mori (thick or heavy)-makeup”. Mori-hairstyle has its roots in the hairdos worn by the women of the upper class and women working in the entertainment place called “Yukaku” in Edo era. These hairdos not only look gorgeous but also make your hair look thicker in order to make your face look smaller and body line look slimmer. Mori-makeup features the use of eyeliners, fake eyelashes and colored contact lenses to emphasize the eyes and this makeup is designed to look attractive even inside the dim-lit rooms of kyabakura.  However, although it depends on the areas in which those women work, mori-hairstyles have become less thick and more moderate makeup has become popular.  In addition, they tend to wear the clothes that show a wide range of taste including the casual style, the girly style and the “Konsaba (conservative) kei”, indicating that they create their own trends rather than following existing ones. Hairdos, makeup and clothes chosen by girl’s club women have an influence on the gals. (Written by Mika Matsumoto)

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