Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Dolly Style (Antique doll)

Taking a picture place Filming Date 2010.01.07

There are some kinds of dolly style.
This style with its suggestion of the middle ages Europe or genuine old dress is like a fashion of an antique doll.

Lolita fashion has also the atmosphere of Europe of the middle ages, however its princess look is arranged modishly and Japanesquely.
Meanwhile, Dolly fashion is just a style of just a girl who was in Europe at that time.
This is a difference of Lolita fashion and Dolly fashion.

The feature of the Dolly fashion is to dress used clothing without giving the arrangement.
Occasionally, these have holes or a lot of wear and tear.
However, people who like this fashion appreciate those damages as the goodness of antiquity.
Rather, they insist that it be used clothes.

The most of antique dresses was handmade.
Handmade clothes often had the delicate workmanship or peculiar texture, and also have something extra, which are rarity value, historic clothes.
For Dolly fashion fan, those are not just used clothes. They have pleasure to own those clothes.

The master of Dolly fashion fan also expresses the mystique and scary of an antique doll’s clothes.
People called “Mori (forest) girl”, who seem to exist in forest, also prefer this fashion.
Dolly fashion is becoming increasingly popular.

This coverage staff : Director "HINE", Photographer"Aya"

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