Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Taking a picture place Filming Date 2009.09.14

The magazine for Gal moms, “I LOVE mama” is being received well.
Eri Momoka, who had been active as a Gal model, was appointed for a commercial model for this magazine. This is one of the reasons why this magazine became popular.

There are a lot of active women raising a child in the world of entertainment and fashion model in these days.
Even public in general, we can see those women very often. They got good fashion sense and became fashionable, even if they are not wearing any clothes from the foreign high-end labels.

In the past, they used to dress modestly because of being only housewife.
But now, most of them juggle their job and motherhood, so it is very natural that their interest for fashion is increasing.

They tend to like costume play. That’s why they have no resistance to have individual sense of fashion.
Free and unique fashion styles are created by them, because they prefer to choose fashion items for self-expression.

And, there are various fashion communities for the middle age in SNS, because women are increasing who is raising a child and interested in unique fashion.

They can become close to anyone who has the same hobby or taste in websites and also club events.
It can be said that Internet and those events are important information source for them.

Appearance of event "Pop'n*A*CLAP"


This coverage staff : Director "HINE", Photographer"Aya,HINE", Assistant "YUKI"

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