Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




  • Date September 3, 2011 (Sat)
  • Place Saitama Super Arena
  • Season 2011 AUTUMN/WINTER


The 13th Tokyo Girls Collection is being held at the Saitama Smile Arena! Regarding to the East Japan Earthquake on March 11th and introduced disasters, as the lead of girl fashion activity, what can TGC do? "Make girls fresh and vigorous by TGC, let people happy." With this kind of thought, the theme of this activity is decided as "Smile for []." You can fill family member, lover, friend and others in the []. Express your sensation freely to the person for whom you want to smile, so margin is remained. Through the laughing and playing of girls, it can be observed that they are touched by the theme and are enjoying now! On that day it had typhoon early warning, windy and rainy, but these cannot block girls from pursuing beauty (^_^).There people came wearing coordinates with friend, the venuewas soaked in boisterous festival atmosphere♪.Although it is still hot and not autumn yet, however, many people are wearing knit and suede or take advantage of warm color, impressing people a sense of autumn.Especially many people use tense red like wine red, impressing people deeply; maybe it is also the popular color of this season☆. In terms of brand, fast fashions like H&M and American Apparel, exhibited in the activity too, attracted more popularity.They are more than economical, from fast fashion, we can know that they have seriously investigated fashion trend. From the girls who can turn fast fashion into personality, we can feel that the activity holds the pulse of modern fashion.