Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Thick Choker

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The Choker Phenomenon

Chokers have been introduced by the style-arena column again and again. From the revived “tattoo choker” spreading like wildfire, this summer the “string choker,” a thin chord wrapped around the neck, conquered the streets. Then, recently the influence is expanding to the belt-width “thick choker.”


The Impact

The string choker, bringing a casual accent to an outfit, bears a distinct role, but the thick choker newly gathering attention is a leading presence. The woman below is overall wearing all black, but incorporating a navy choker as an accent increases the charm of the outfit. For people who want to add a seasonal touch, this type of velour, or leather, choker is might be a good choice.

Choker Tops

The thick choker has a distinct affinity to the off-shoulder tops in the middle of trend – they are this fall’s “golden pair.” More than just the choker, it has the merit of directing sexiness to the décolletage and shoulder line. Also, like in the below image, tops with a choker attached to them, at the back of the neck, are also expanding this year. The novel design that has not been around until now is gaining attention. These are the optimal tops even for people who are bad with getting rashes from sweating in necklaces.

If dressing for a little colder weather, there are many ways to have fun with it, like overlapping the choker over a turtleneck. From now on, there may be an increase in people becoming captive to the thick choker.