Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Flat Shoes

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Spring Attire’s Flat Shoes

Spring has come, the feeling is getting lighter, and recently in footwear on the streets, the amount of flat shoes being worn is rising. Gentleness can be felt from its round tip and compactness, and the women who are drawn in by its appeal are increasing.


Two Long-Established Brands

The specialty brands for flat shoes (ballet shoes) that are again attracting attention are PORSELLI and repetto. Both are brands that have their origins in Europe, from shoes that were handmade and produced for ballerinas, and anyone can feel the commitment and love. There is also an abundance of materials and color variations being used, so you will find a pair that suits your own tastes. It is of high value because it is handmade, but the comfort is also guaranteed. Due to the collaboration of PORSELLI with A.P.C., there are also reasonably priced pairs being sold.


Classical with White Socks

It is mainly being highly worn in Daikanyama and Omotesando, and at the time 100% of wearers were choosing to wear them with pants. The purpose seems to be to cut the cuteness of flat shoes with pants. There were many people seen wearing flats with white socks, which gave a classical feeling, and the effect as expected softens the outfit. It is a technique to try when you want to test it out with your own style. Of course, there were also people wearing it with a womanly style by pairing them with flared skirts. However, in that case, you can also balance it out well by pairing it with a cool item like a motorcycle jacket.


Your Favorite Pair

As might be expected, there are flat shoes from various brands that come in a variety of shapes and colors, as well as prices. More affordable ones are being sold at MUJI and GAP, which are approximately the same as those that are being sold out as a topic on SNS. People who want to change the color to match how they feel that day should definitely check these places out. On the other hand, the “tabi shoes”, which are a symbol of the high brand Maison Margiela, are flats that have been released as a staple item every season. They are more expensive than PORSELLI and repetto shoes, but it is not an exaggeration that it holds an important place in the world of flat shoes, and fans certainly increase every year. 


How about flat shoes that are specialized in being easy to walk in? You should definitely get them in the midst of the walking season.

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