Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Special Feature> Fashion Students 1. Sugino Fashion College

Filming Date 2021.06.17

The First Special Edition is about Sugino Fashion College.


When we requested that we wanted its students to decide upon the theme, the students’ unexpected response was “secondhand clothes.”

In our imagination, we thought that due to the coronavirus crisis, they would cite things related to masks, social distancing, and the three Cs. But judging from the students, it appears that they are already tired of the prolonged period of coronavirus-related self-restraint. It also appears that they have a strong desire to have fun freely during a time like this. Thus, they have conveyed their enthusiasm in trying to regain their good spirits through fashion.

With today’s fashions, they are not simply wearing just secondhand clothes laid out at a secondhand clothing shop. They are, for example, also combining the belts of their alma maters and items that their parents or grandparents once used.  Their acquiring the attitude of using things carefully is wonderful and very impressive.  


Cooperation: Mr. Yasuhisa Suzuki (Professor Sugino Fashion College,  Super Advisor Japan Fashion Color Association)


This time story coverage : Directed by T. Hineno, Photo by Aya Ishii  



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