Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Gothic & Lolita Halloween

Taking a picture place Filming Date 2018.10.13

WonderTeatime ×ATELIER PIERROT  Masquerade Halloween

Saturday 13th October 2018, 15:00 - 17:00

Venue: La Bohém Qualita. (La Boheme Quarita) Shibuya


Gothic & Lolita & Punk A salon "Wonder Tea Time (wonder tea time)" that exchanges and appeals for people who love fashion collaborated with Gothic & Lolita brand "ATELIER PIERROT" and held a Halloween event.


Regarding the reason why they collaborated with ATELIER PIERROT at this Halloween event, Ms. Ai Akizuki, the representative of WonderTeatime, wanted to do something with ATELIER PIERROT, but it is a very strong Gothic brand, so thought Halloween is the perfect occasion to coraborate with them.

In this Halloween event there was a dress code "Masquerade Halloween", so was paying attention to what is different with ordinary clothes, but everyone has decorated hair accessories more than usual. "Everyone who is always in Gothic & Lolita fashion seems to have enjoyed disguising (horrorous makeups, masks, etc.)!"

On the other hand, in the base clothing, casualization was also seen in a part of sneakers such as ribbons, but in reality people who enjoy the taste of relatively gothic & lolita, those who do have very high decorative attire, both of them seem to have bipolar trends these days.

Gothic and lolita fashion has already have a long history, and the age groups of lovers are also getting wider. Also, the number of foreigners and men's enthusiasts has increased, and it seems that how to enjoy it is becoming diversified accordingly.

But at WonderTeatime, the number of members of foreigners and men is gradually increasing.


There were also games tournaments where events got luxurious prizes, and so on, all of the participants could enjoyed themselves. In a place where the antique atmosphere drifts, talk about common hobbies and take a commemorative photo while watching costumes dressed up for each ... ... everyone who participated, it was a wonderful place.



★ Notification from WonderTeatime ★

At WonderTeatime, we plan to continue tea ceremonies and other activities on a regular basis even in the future. From now on we would like to expand the range of activities besides tea ceremonies. The latest activity content is WonderTeatime's twitter (@WTeatime)facebook ( blog of representative Ai (, so please check our pages!

※we are so sorry that 2018 winter tea ceremony of the next activity is already full. Do not miss this next activity! !



This time story coverage : Direct "HINE", Photo "Aya Ishii"


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