Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Taking a picture place Filming Date 2021.10.15

Iwasaki Gakuen Yokohama f College is a prestigious school founded in 1927 as “Yokohama Yosai Vocational Women’s College”, and is situated in a convenient location, directly connected to the station by an underground passage, 3 minutes on foot from the West Exit of Yokohama station.


The students photographed on this occasion were unpretentious in their appearance and used colors in a beautiful and natural way. Everything was worn smoothly and naturally, whether traditional or punk. Yokohama f colleges has made various contributions to the local region. These include holding a fashion show to revitalize the West exit of Yokohama station, and students turning Otome Road, which is the underground passage leading from the station, into an art gallery.


Yokohama f college, as its name suggests, is a college representing the fashion industry in Yokohama, and has developed as an environment in which it is easy to learn, together with the local community.



This time story coverage : Directed by T. Hineno, Photo by Aya Ishii  

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