Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Taking a picture place Filming Date 2010.04.08

Japanese street fashion is very popular for all over the world now. The people from other countries who live in Japan coordinate additionally Japanese street fashion in their own way, and dress them cool.

The people in a European district where consideration for the fashion are high had paid attention to various Japanese fashions from early time, and enjoyed frequently those fashions to which "Street style of Japan" was taken.

However, those fashions had not been expanded to Asian countries and American district, because the people in those countries were only interested in “Gal fashion” and “Cosplay fashion”.
But now, they began to be interested in the Japanese fashions including underground fashions due to a musician wearing Japanese Gothic & Lolita fashion on her music promotional film, or some characters of comics or animations wearing Japanese underground fashion.

This time, we introduce six people from other countries living in Japan.
They are enjoying Japanese fashion even if their nationality and fashion taste are different.
We are really glad if people from all over the world are going to like Japan through Japanese fashions.

This coverage staff : Director "HINE", Photographer"Aya", Special Thanks to Ms.ViVi

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