Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.


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Girl's Style Fashion (for Guys)

Taking a picture place Filming Date 2010.02.05

In Japan, there were significant changes of the environment for Drag fashion in this decade.
Drag fashion used to be secretly pleased on a personal basis.
However, people, who make no secret of their fashion interest wearing female dress, are increasing lately, because of an influence of drag TV personalities’ activities.
And, it is getting easier to find many chances using internet to have fun for their hobby with the same type of people.
Then now this fashion is also expanded to non gay people, they have interest in wearing female dress just like costume play.

Under these circumstances, August in 2007, the first Drag event “Drag-New Half- Propaganda” (New Half means “male that lives as female”) has been held.
Then, this event become established as a big event of 300 person scale, and is held once a month in Shinjuku.

The Café and Bar in Akihabara reported this time “Otoko-no-Musume (means “male girl”) Café & Bar NEW TYPE” has gotten an attention recently as a place of new sensation among non gay people in Drag fashion or costume players.

Speaking of the topic among male wearing female dresses, they love to talk about costume play, comic, anime and makeup, hair style.
They have good time to recommend their favorite shops, or to exchange each other a birthday present which is some female goods.

This coverage staff : Director "HINE", Photographer"Aya", Special Thanks to J'zK

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