• 촬영 장소 club atom (渋谷)
  • 촬영 일 2011.05.26


“Club fashion” was well known in Shibuya or Roppongi area from the end of 80’s to 90’s. The feature of club fashion is loose and sporty affected by Hip-hop music or R&B that had been very popular in the United States of America around that time. As 2000 starts, electronic music, which added element of digital music such as Techno or Trance to Rock music, went mainstream. In the fashion scene, Cyber or New Rave appeared in concert with this musical change, and then electro style clubs opened at everywhere. The free style clubs not sticking to the musical genre appear lately. People, who gather to these clubs, enjoy their outfits in any way they want. Coverage cooperation:club atom

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