Hat of Summer

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Changing Popularity

When looking back at summer hat trends in recent years, due to the 2014 wide brim hat boom, the streets were filled with more and more people wearing felt hats even during the summer. In 2015 the “cap girl” style increased in popularity, and at the same time the beret was also garnering attention. This summer, the oft seen “straw panama hat” is making a comeback and taking back its’ popularity.


Adapting to Any Outfit

When looking to the streets, hats have adapted to various coordinates. They can be styled cutely, for example matching beige one tone coordinates and hat color for an advanced style, or combining it with an all-in-one or one-piece with frills, like you will see below. Conversely, there were those who paired them outside of monotone coordinates, but being able to style it without discomfort proves its high versatility.


The Fall Favorite Beret

Narrow brims and wide brims, from simple without decoration to ones that have ribbon, this year there is a wide variety lined up of straw panama hats. Looking at autumn, the trend may be passed onto the beret, which is getting a high amount of attention, but I would like to report on that next month.